Our Bali Green Surf School has been cooperating with the exchange programs of the Udayana University in Bali for almost two years now. Every semester hundreds of students from around the world join one of these programs and come here to study at the Udayana University. GoBali, Tropical Living and IBSN are just a few of the many programs, giving you the opportunity to study in Bali for one semester. With our projects we give the students the possibility to help this beautiful island and its inhabitants and have fun at the same time.


Together with the students we organize different charity events, such as beach clean ups, but also surf competitions, beach games and parties. With those events we not only give the students the opportunity to get to know the island, meet new people and to have fun, but
they also support Bali at the same time. The income made with the events will be donated to orphanages around the island. To show the students that their donations arrive as promised they have the opportunity to join the handing over and see and play with the
orphans themselves.

Bali Green Surf School Seminyak Cooperation GoBali
Bali Green Surf School Seminyak Cooperation Tropical Living