Surf Lessons Bali

Bali Green Surf offers a wide range of services. During the different surf lessons you will learn to surf and we will teach you new skills and techniques in a relaxed and fun environment. Our guides will respond and adapt to your wishes to make sure you will have an unforgettable surf experience with us. Depending on the wave and weather conditions we will take you to different spots around Bali, such as Seminyak, Serangan, Canggu and Jimbaran, known as the best surfing beaches in Bali. Most of our beginner surf lesson are held at Seminyak Beach.

Our Surf Lessons in Bali are including...

  • 2,5 hours of surfing (transport, refreshment and equipment are provided)
  • Experienced guides and constant supervision
  • Surf lessons for all ages (Children under 18 years need parents’ consent)
  • Small groups - 1 surf instructor for 2-3 students
  • Learn to surf in a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere!

All lessons are subject to weather and wave conditions. Any doubt please contact us.
Your safety is our priority!

Beginner Surf Lesson

learn to surf

The beginner surfing class in Bali is for non-experienced or beginners who want to refresh the basics. You will learn to handle the board, the correct paddle-technique, take-off and first forehand and backhand turns. You will also learn about the ocean conditions and safety.



Intermediate Surf Lesson

Intermediate Surfer

You are able to stand up and you have caught and ridden green waves already? Then you are ready for the intermediate guiding. We will work on turtle rolls, help you to improve your surfing skills and share surf secrets with you.


Advanced Surf Lesson

Pro Surfer Bali

We will guide you 'outside' and show you the right position to observe the sets of waves as they approach. You will lean how to duckdive, to chose the good waves and to do maneuvers like cutbacks, bottom and top turns.



Kids Surf Lesson (5-15 years old)

Kids surf lesson Bali

Make your first steps with a 'Softboard' and easily ride your first waves. Our guides will make sure to keep you safe the whole time and have great experiences in the water.



Family Surf Lesson (2 adults & 2 kids)

family surf holiday bali

This is the right choice for you if you want to enjoy surfing with your whole family. We offer this package for two adults with two kids.



Private Surf Lesson

private surf lessons

Private surf guiding is specifically adjusted to your skills. Use the opportunity of a private surf instructor to concentrade on certain areas, catch more waves, make you improve faster and get your surfing to a higher level.



Bali Surf Trip Packages

Our surf trips offer you the opportunity to surf different waves around Bali. However, the destination will mainly depend on your surf level, the wave and weather conditions. A full day surf trip package will be 8 hours, starting at 8 am and you will be provided with all the equipment, a driver and guide and refreshments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (PRICES)

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